Chocolate Truffles

“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.”

–Henry James.

Since I own the nice, thick, hardcover book this quote came from I decided to use it as a
journal as well. I have a pencil and I am underlining meaningful thoughts and
jotting my own notes in the margins.

I’m snuggled on the couch reading my success principles book and eating chocolate. No
kidding. Hmm, I’m already living part of the life I have imagined for myself–chocolate, reading, solitude. So here’s a note for the margin of my book: “I wonder how many Choxie brand dark chocolate truffle candies I would need to eat at one time before I got sick of them?”  I wanted to eat the whole bag. But I just ate three, not really because of nutritional wisdom, but mostly because I didn’t want to run out of them too quickly. Wow, I just read the back of the box–one serving is 4 pieces. I owe myself one.  I’m going to chug a glass of water and get back to reading.


About AndreaSings

Jazz singer. Mom. Designer. Non-cook who loves cheesecake and chocolate truffles. Avid Reader, Writer...Love speaking in public. Lives with husband and shiny black Great Dane. Missing my kids.
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2 Responses to Chocolate Truffles

  1. Great Post! Thanks for giving detailed description about blog.

  2. adens1955 says:

    Hi, thanks for the comment. I’m new to blogging, so it took me awhile to respond. I’m happy you joined me.

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