Money Vehicle

Yesterday I went to the success principles website and browsed around. I signed up to learn more about the coaching program. I learned about coaches a few years ago after receiving a complementary couple months of consults with a business coach. I had no idea that there was such a vocation. Did you know that there are “Life” coaches as well? I learned also that they aren’t therapists. My coach at the time helped me map out where I was in my business goals and helped me think in terms of practical things I could do to move forward. It was a nice experience. Sometimes it is easy to feel very alone and uncertain while trying to reach goals.

This morning I received a call from the Jack Canfield coaching information person. We had a very long talk. He wanted to know about me and where I was in my life both business and personal. He chatted with me about my goals and dreams and I admitted to feeling mired in confusion, doubt and perfectionism.

He paraphrased a Jack Canfield quote about progressing. We often take the “Ready, Aim, Fire!” approach and some of us spend a lot of time in the readying and the aiming part of progression. Canfield’s approach is–“Take a shot, see what you hit and then adjust your aim.” At least with that attitude you are making progress and receiving valuable information on how to make adjustments.

Tomorrow morning I agreed to an appointment to have a conversation with a coaching supervisor who will talk with me on the phone for about an hour to gauge if the coaching program would be a good fit for me. I know that I would benefit greatly from coaching, especially after reading the success book. However, I also expressed to my interviewer today my natural fear regarding the fee for this coaching program. The fee is determined by the type of program tailored to my goals. I do know that coaches I’ve met charge by the hour about the same amount as a mental therapist or personal trainer. Some charge as much as a lawyer, or more….

The man I spoke with was very kind regarding my fee worries, and suggested that how things currently were going with me and my business was actually costing me money in lost opportunities to improve my business. He said it is normal and common to think about the money. He called it a “Consumer” mindset.  He said that Investors don’t look at a proposal and think, “How much will this cost?”, rather they look at it as “How much money could I make?”

He suggested that I look at this  opportunity as a vehicle to make money. That’s a lovely image, isn’t it? A shiny red vehicle traveling around spewing money out of its little internal factory.

So, there is a lot to think about before the phone call in the morning. If I took the cost out of the equation, how would it change my thinking about the proposal to receive weekly one-on-one coaching with a Success Principles trained coach that was tailored specifically to my needs?

Time now for sleeping, and dreaming about my happy little money vehicle….



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