Coaching with a Guarantee

Did you read my post yesterday?? I told you that today I had an appointment to talk on the phone with the program director of the Jack Canfield coaching program. It was to last about an hour and I was asked to write out the answers to 5 questions that would be emailed to me prior to the call.

Here are the five questions; how would you answer them? (think about it)

1. Where are you now in the various areas of your life–personal, work, finances, etc.?

2.Where do you want to be–what are your dreams and goals?

3. What is holding you back?

4. How could a coach best help you?

5. Why you and why now…what makes you a great candidate for coaching and what gives you the sense of urgency that now is the right time to change?

A lot to think about, right? I had analyzed most of those questions multiple times in the past years and knew clearly my personal answer to each. Sure enough, the program director called me this morning exactly as scheduled and discussed all those questions with me. He was very easy to talk with and he was skilled at clarifying what I said to make sure he understood. I wonder if he practices at home in conversations with his wife? He is good at it…

I was surprised by the program itself. I was expecting to be told first, the “wonderful aspects of coaching” and then, the typical “easy payment” schedule, followed by the pressure to sign up. WOA. It was very different than that.

There are only 6 coaches in the whole program . Each of them has coached over a thousand people. The interview process yesterday and today truly were interviews to see if I was a  good candidate to be coached by them. Hence the questions. They don’t let people just “sign up”; one has to be invited in to the program. I was.  The money part was very simple, there was an Option I which was 12 weekly one-on-one coaching sessions and then a whole year of daily access to the other coaches via phone for a year–OR–Option II, group coaching. This was half the price of the first. In this option you share a coach with only a handful of other students. They might be from anywhere in the world. You meet via conference calling each week for 6 weeks, you offer support and input to the others in the class and you receive the same invitation as mentioned above to call the other coaches for help for a year.The price was about what I anticipated, however, it was interesting that at that point of the conversation it felt very low-key. I wasn’t clenching my fists in fear at the thought of more debt.  I felt peace. I have total confidence that this is the right choice for me and where I am in my life.

Here is another unusual thing. At the end of your year of coaching if you feel like you haven’t made the successful growth that you were anticipating you are given free access to all the coaches for as long as it takes to achieve that level in your life. As a coaching team they proclaim “No Option For Failure”. They are committed to your growth no matter how long it takes you.

So, wow…there you go, coaching with a guarantee. I will talk with my coach on Monday and receive my first assignments. The first “meeting” with my new team of students, they call it a “Mastermind Group”, will be on September 14th. Anticipation. Here goes…


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