Inspired Christmas Gift Ideas

American quilt, taken in Textile Museum of Can...

American quilt, Textile Museum of Canada, Image via Wikipedia

Did you know that people still make Christmas gifts for others?  Last Fall I began working at a “big box” fabric & craft store.  I work at the counter where the customers bring bolts of fabric to be cut into lengths for purchase. We are encouraged to ask each customer what they are making so we can make sure they have all the supplies they might need for their project. Maybe this list will inspire you to make a gift as well. Though this post has been delayed and it is now February 2012, I find that some people make gifts year-round. Here are some of their projects:

  • The #1 gift seems to be a fleece blanket made by layering two pieces of fleece, cutting fringe around each edge, then tying the fringe of the layers together in  knots.
  • Tutus for little girls and teens made from strips of colorful tulle knotted around elastic and ribbon.
  • Legwarmers for a teen out of very shaggy fake fur.
  • Calico circles to cover lids of canning jars filled with a layered mix of cookie-baking ingredients.
  • Beds or coats for dogs.
  • Vintage inspired aprons, or chef style aprons for kids and adults.
  • Matching pajama pants for every child and adult in the family. (one of my sons told me to not even think about it…)
  • Pillowcases made of fun or themed print fabric.
  • Baby blankets and quilts
  • Mermaid fins out of spandex fabric
  • Fleece-lined gloves and fleece hats
  • Quilted table runners and cloth dinner napkins
  • Microwave bags of calico and cotton batting to use in baking a potato. (this works great–I made one myself)
  • Gifts of compassion–more than one person has said that they buy fabric every year to make blankets for the homeless, or receiving blankets for pregnancy care centers and hospitals.  It was very touching to see the selfless expenditure of money and time that many people were happily giving with their projects.

Several people at different times have come to the cutting counter, eyes sparkling, and said: “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I want to make a blanket (or some other project) as a gift…”

They don’t know how to sew and/or have never been in a fabric store, yet they are so excited to try something new so that they can give a special gift to someone.  I honor them for their childlike joy and their lack of perfectionism. They have inspired me.


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