Heifer, Cow, Goat–Inspiring Livestock

Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), Thailand. Fra...

Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), Thailand. Français : Un buffle d'eau (Bubalus bubalis), photographié en Thaïlande. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 5-year-old girl stood next to her mother at the counter waiting for my co-worker to cut a bit of fabric for her. It turned out that the little girl was getting fabric to cover a donation  box to collect money for Heifer International. Isn’t that an inspiring thing? That a child can be so aware of a need that she takes the initiative to do something to help.

I didn’t even know what the organization was about…cows, I guessed.

It turns out that Heifer International is a very cool program. Livestock, trees and seeds are given to needy recipients along with instructions on how to use them to better their lives. These things are purchased by donations from you and I,… and little 5-year-old girls.

Here’s their official explanation: ” Heifer International is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization dedicated to ending hunger and poverty and caring for the Earth. Heifer currently provides livestock, trees, seeds and training in environmentally sound agriculture to families in more than 50 countries, including the United States.

“Heifer’s recipients agree to share one or more of their animals’ offspring, and also the training they receive, with others in need in what Heifer calls Passing on the Gift. This unique development tool multiplies the benefit of the original gift and allows recipients to become donors. Heifer partners are also taught to prevent overgrazing, collect manure for organic fertilizer, plant trees and manage resources for long-term success.”

Here’s a link if you’d like to send a goat or a llama…or heifer…to a needy recipient: http://www.heifer.org/ourwork/our-work?msource=kwg2399


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