Followers Aren’t Always Special…Sad Face

Jemima and her ducklings in The Tale of Jemima...

Jemima and her ducklings in The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Immediately after I posted my blog thoughts on business focus and mermaid tails I received many links from people who said my post was “awesome” and said they were going to follow my blog.

“Wow,” I thought, “I didn’t realize that post would be meaningful to so many people. ”

One follower sent a link to me just seconds after I posted. I reasoned they must have already been reading WordPress and it was a coincidence that they quickly saw my post. I was kind of excited about the group of followers I had generated so I opened each person’s profile link to learn more about them.

They were a demographically diverse group; their blogs were diverse as well—some were inspiring with embedded videos, some chatty, some basic. Yet I began noticing a trend. Most seemed to belong to a particular internet marketing group that had “changed their life.” Out of 9 followers only 2 people seemed to be unique, unaffiliated bloggers. The other 7 were connected to the same marketing program.

With dampened enthusiasm I realized they probably weren’t attracted to my writing and philosophizing, that those first “eager” admirers may not  even have read my posts, they may have just found a way to connect their auto-responder-messenger to my particular blog text keywords. Sigh.

I did initially watch some of their linked videos…even though I first was required to write my email address on a pop-over screen before the video played. There were some good thought-provoking ideas presented. They certainly seemed sincere in wanting every person on the planet to reach their full potential. I kept waiting to understand what it was they were marketing and then I realized they were selling monthly blog hosting with easy to use marketing templates and, for more money, additional webinars regarding the secrets of internet marketing.

The plan seemed to be that once you got the templates and marketing information you could set up your own blog that would link to their special promotional videos so your blog followers could give you money to also buy the monthly blog hosting and on their  blog, link to the same promo videos so that THEIR followers could buy the blog hosting and….on and on.

I’m sure that many in their program are financially successful. And obviously, there are many who are not. I do love to learn about technology, yet I’m not too keen on promoting semi-intangible products in perpetuity. However, I do think it is exciting that by using workable plans I might find people in international markets who will enjoy my products or my music.

I guess my point is, in the future I won’t get too excited over “numbers of followers” and if I view marketing presentations that produce tales of vast monthly income and jangling excitement and confusion I need to step back, turn off the computer and ponder the focus of my own personal life plan.

Today I studied yet another new website. This one really made me happy. Click here to see why it was meaningful to me. I won’t even make you give me your email address first. :)

–Read about Fear and business in a previous post, here.

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