P90X and Tony Horton–Changing Mind & Muscle

I’m reading a book by Tony Horton called The Big Picture. I picked it up when I noticed the author, “Hey, it’s that P90X guy…”

The only reason I was aware of him was because some of my adult kids had been trying to explain to me what the P90X program was and why they loved it and why they kept at it day after day even though sometimes, apparently, it made them vomit.

Sam flex, 2011I have incredibly intelligent, perceptive children; I was curious about this trainer that they liked so well. Additionally, I was stunned when I saw their “Before P90X” and “After” photos. They already looked healthy to me before starting the program, but now, after their consistent work, I recognize what “chiseled” means as an adverb to muscle. The photo I’ve attached to this post was a “Before” photo. I’d post the “After” but I didn’t get his permission yet. (I figured posting this pix was safe because he is disguised with the glasses and wig. Unless, of course you know our family. You probably don’t…??)

I’m typically not a fitness person. And yet, so far—I LOVE THIS BOOK. Tony Horton is an excellent, wise, entertaining writer and offers practical, doable “Laws” to change your life.

Here is a simple Law. Ponder it and recognize the depth of it:

“Do your best and  forget the rest.”

My take: Forget the negativity, forget the impossibility, forget those over-protective fearful voices in my head. Just do my best.

(P.S. On the topic of vomit, not that it’s really a topic per se; however, you need  to read Tony’s narrative of his ride in a fighter jet and how he relates that experience to life. Unless you’re generally a queazy person…, then you might want to skip that part.)



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