Jazz Performance Can Make You Brave–as Long as You Show Up

2014 Sep 5 Singing Stormy Weather at Rhythm & Rye, Olympia Funny that it takes courage to do something enjoyable…This is me singing at an Open Mic night with excellent, professional jazz musicians.

Here’s how it works: Have lead sheets for the songs you want to sing. Walk across the room from your nice comfy chair where  you have been listening to the excellent musicians play jazz. Hover at the edge of the stage and catch the eye of the band leader at the end of their song. He announces that you’ll be singing.

You step up on the stage, trying not to trip on the mic and amp cords on the floor. (You experience the inner conflict between fear of dorkiness and the need to be confident.) You hand out sheet music to the musicians, grab the microphone and smile into the warm, sun-bright stage lights. The musicians begin to play and you feel peace as the music wraps comfortably around you. You breathe. And you sing.

I’ve done this several times in the past few months. The same venue. The same musicians. A happy outcome.

Yet, I still feel great resistance in preparing to go–choosing music, getting dressed, driving through the darkness, parking, walking in to the building. It still takes courage to walk across the floor to the stage. It is my “feel the insecurity and do it anyway” moment.

I love performing, so I choose to do this challenging thing. I know that this will make me a better performer–trying to bump beyond the boundaries of my comfort. Are you grappling with a bravery challenge??


About AndreaSings

Jazz singer. Mom. Designer. Non-cook who loves cheesecake and chocolate truffles. Avid Reader, Writer...Love speaking in public. Lives with husband and shiny black Great Dane. Missing my kids. www.AndreaDensley.com
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