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HI! I’m blogging at a New Location…

Thanks for noticing these posts. I have sent these posts to my new blog at That is where I will post blog content from now on. Hopefully, this streamlining will help me be more consistent. I am not perfect. … Continue reading

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Surviving Survivor’s guilt

Have you ever felt guilty about feeling guilty? Example: We had an old Dodge van that we drove for years while raising our young family, frequently nursing it back to health. I was driving it late one night and instead … Continue reading

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Windows Live Writer

I’ve read good reviews about Windows Live Writer. Will it be user-friendly??

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Musings on Melancholia

I recently hit a rough patch in my journey and realized that sometimes there are moments when just maintaining a serene exterior is the best I can do.  Does that make me crazy–smiling on the outside and weeping on the … Continue reading

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Inspired Christmas Gift Ideas

Did you know that people still make Christmas gifts for others?  Last Fall I began working at a “big box” fabric & craft store.  I work at the counter where the customers bring bolts of fabric to be cut into lengths … Continue reading

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Feel Out of Control??

“…you thought the thoughts, you created the feelings, you made the choice, you said the words, and that’s why you are where you are now.” (Jack Canfield) There are three things I have control over, so do you. Canfield lists … Continue reading

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Coaching with a Guarantee

Did you read my post yesterday?? I told you that today I had an appointment to talk on the phone with the program director of the Jack Canfield coaching program. It was to last about an hour and I was … Continue reading

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